Hi, I'm James!

I started Bad Credit Assist for one purpose: to provide the information you need to make informed decisions. Whether you're in debt, or want to avoid it, hopefully you find what you're looking for here.

We all know that money is a lot easier to spend than it is to save. I will be the first to tell you, if you are in debt, there is no quick fix and no magic pill. But there is a way out. It starts by taking the first step and dealing with things one day at a time.

There is a lot more useful information now on dealing with debt, compared to when I was younger and my life went off the rails. Back then, I was looking for a site like this to give me the information I was after. To provide no-nonsense practical advice on the best ways to deal with my situation.

The first step is difficult and I wasted years avoiding it.  You have to take responsibility, whether your current situation is of your making or not.

What you will find on this site:

  • Solid information on the best ways to start to deal with your debt situation and the pitfalls you need to avoid in order stay out of debt.
  • Practical steps to take to start to improve your situation. Not always fun, but I will say it again, there is no quick fix.
  • Ideas on practical ways to make additional income in order that you can speed the debt consolidation process and go on to build a healthy sustainable income.
  • Information on ways to save money and become more frugal

What you will NOT find on this site:

  • No magical get rich quick schemes promising to solve of your debt issues.
  • No fluffy, 'it will be OK in the end' type stories. Yes, it WILL be OK in the end but its all down to you. 
  • No pictures of me in a million dollar house, with a sports car and bikini models draped over me. I'm not trying to sell you a lifestyle or a Ponzi scheme. I'm just a normal guy who lives in a modest house, who finally figured out what's important when it comes to being financially responsible.

My story

From the age of 18, pretty much as soon as I got hold of my first credit card, I started to live well beyond my means. This went on for about 20 years.

Mortgages, car loans, personal loans, platinum credit cards...you name it, I had it. None of this was an issue at the time. I am lucky enough to be from a generation who benefited from one of the biggest house price increases in modern history. Every time I wanted more money, it was simple. I just re-mortgaged the house. Impulsively, I went on European holidays, filled my garage with cars and even bought a motorcycle. I had a comfy management job and never had problems getting credit. 

Then the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) hit. The banks turned off the money taps. All of a sudden, the nice house, cars and holidays, all gone in a flash. 

I lost my job first, then the house and everything else followed in quick succession. Including my marriage. 

I'm over 50 now and I have been debt free for over 3 years. My lifestyle has changed. I no longer waste money on things I cannot afford.  I certainly don't covet the status symbols that nearly left me homeless. Yes, the cars, holidays and houses are all great. IF you can afford them. By all means aspire to that lifestyle if you can pay for these things with your own pocket.

There is in fact a place for debt in a person's financial arsenal. But only if it's used sensibly. I have gone from being broke, and in debt, to running a small, profitable business. It's slowly growing year on year.

 I wish I knew many things before my spending got so out of control and will try to share them on this site. 

​You can contact me here.